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AI Digits

EPUAID Academy:

Leading Bulgaria's Construction
Industry into the Digital Age

Responding to Bulgaria's BIM Revolution

The Bulgarian construction sector is on the cusp of a digital transformation. The government’s recent endorsement of the first BIM and digital transformation strategy signifies a clear commitment to modernizing the industry and enhancing its efficiency and sustainability. Recognizing this critical shift, EPUAID Academy emerges as a powerful force to empower professionals with the necessary BIM (Building Information Modeling) expertise.

Born from the strategic partnership between AIDIGITS Group and the European Polytechnical University (EPU), EPUAID Academy represents a first-of-its-kind initiative in Bulgaria. Our academy leverages the combined strengths of these esteemed organizations – the extensive industry experience of AIDIGITS and the established academic ecosystem of EPU – to deliver a comprehensive suite of BIM education programs.

A Diverse Range of Learning Opportunities

EPUAID Academy caters to a wide spectrum of learners within the construction sector supply chain. 

The Global Master in BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects

In collaboration with EPU, EPUAID Academy is proud to offer the acclaimed Global Master in BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects. This unique program provides participants with: 

Empowering Bulgaria's AEC Industry

The strategic partnership behind EPUAID Academy brings together the finest resources to propel the Bulgarian construction industry towards a digital future. By equipping professionals with essential BIM skills and fostering a culture of digital transformation, EPUAID Academy aims to significantly enhance efficiency, sustainability, and overall project outcomes within this sector.

EPUAID Academy is committed to empowering Bulgaria’s construction industry. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive educational programs and discover how we can help you or your organization achieve BIM mastery.