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AI Digits

Develop Based Project Controls

Aidigits shall work closely with clients/the client. and the project IT System’s engineers to develop a BIM based system integration diagram that shall be used to ensure effective creation, storage, manipulation and reporting of the data developed by the different stakeholders. 

AIDIGITS shall avail several alternatives for the 3D based data repository that shall be discussed and addressed in due time. One of these applications IS a tailored BIM visualization and data integration platform known as C3D.

C3D Interactive offers a powerful Environment for data querying, manipulation as well as powerful 3D/4D reporting of information. This power can be leveraged on all the project Construction Systems through the power of C3D Connectors. 

C3D Connectors operate on three different levels or flavors. The choice is depending on how open the Target System is, and depending on the available support from target vendors.

This process is very important and critical for the effectiveness and success of the BIM implementation.
Among the critical systems that need to be integrated within the BIM based digital workflows are:

eDMS (Electronic Document Management Solution)

CDE (Common Data Environment)

Estimation system

Budget and cost control systems

S/C management workflow

QA/QC system


The WBS, the OBS and CBS (Work Breakdown Structures, Organization Breakdown Structures and the Cost Breakdown Structures)

Sample of BIM based Project Controls Integration Diagram