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AI Digits

have joined forces to meet the demands of digital transformation in relation
with Building Information Modeling (BIM).
This brand new people certification scheme on BIM has five relevant sub-schemes/ categories, which correspond
to the most demanding needs of the construction industry and address the essential requirements of the Building
Information Modeling workflows.
This new scheme, called certified expert BIM “ce-BIM”, is covering the skills for:
ce- BIM Foundation
ce- BIM Specialist / Engineer
ce- BIM Coordinator
ce- BIM Common Data Environment manager
ce- BIM Manager
Each sub-scheme of the Certification takes into account the requirements of ISO 19650-1 / 2 and UNI 11337 standards
and correspond to specific target group of professionals having relevant background in the use of the BIM technology.
Certification of technical staff and engineers will be conducted by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) based on the knowhow and
background of the AIDIGITS BIM ACADEMY.
Moreover comprehensive training programs based on the vast experience of BIM Academy, will be offered to the
professionals with the sub-schemes mentioned above, in order to prepare the ground for future competent BIM