Training And Knowledge Transfer

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE AIDIGITS has been providing professional BIM education and knowledge transfer services for more than 15 years. AIDIGITS has created two major platforms for offering and sharing his knowledge to the market, the BIM Academy and the Online Master BIM Education. AIDIGITS provides specialized knowledge in an academic environment bringing […]

Construction Management

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE AIDIGITS shall continue developing the project dashboard to include the construction activities and serve as an easy, collaborative and accessible cloud based tool where THE CLIENT management and the project management team gets full visual access to: The project Progress reports The financial status and payments Transmittals and submissions […]

Room Completion System

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE The process of ensuring proper room completion including fit outs, equipment, room finishes, accessories up to the QA/QC forms and the handing over documentation will become more effective, visual, structured ensuring the quality of the final product. AIDIGITS has been utilizing BIM for many years to ensure that the […]

BIM Based Payment Certificate

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE Having this effective implementation of BIM and digital construction workflows accompanied by integration of the different functions and systems of the project will facilitate and automate other commercial and technical functions such as the production of a BIM based payment certificate and earned value calculations for the project direct […]

BIM Based Cost And Budget Control

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE Using BIM to control the project scope coupled with time control, breakdown structures integration, progress capturing and actual cost depiction through accounts integration enables visual cost reporting thus budget control. AIDIGITS shall work with the different stakeholders to ensure that all the ingredients of the cost control and cost […]

BIM Based Progress Monitoring

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE Using BIM and the 3D visualization technology will enable the project team to update the progress on the 3D model, view and monitor the project progress against the plan and then report partially and/or fully the progress of the project construction activities. Such reporting supported by comparisons and analysis […]

BIM Based Planing (4D)

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE Integrating BIM with the project schedule will enable the client and the project team to examine the time needed to accomplish activities visually supported by analytical figures of productivity, issues, difficulties and approvals. Thus enable the construction team and the decision makers to take informed decisions about the progress […]

QA/QC System for Construction

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE AIDIGITS extensive background and experience in construction and integrating this experience with BIM and digital workflows enabled the advancement of the QA/QC process to go digital as well. This digitization of the QA/QC process provides our client with the following advantages: Visualizing the project system-based data tree Linking data […]

Asset Tagging Convention And Procedure

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE Proper BIM implementation and enabling systems integration mandate having structured and automated techniques for developing a unique identifier for each and every construction element, this is known as asset tagging or object naming. We define an object as “The reasonably smallest portion of a building that reflects the logic […]

Integrating The BIM Workflow

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE AIDIGITS shall expand the integration of the project eDMS solution to cover the construction phase enabling BIM based overview over the construction documentation including: Design Changes Variations BIM design modifications (if any) Updating the LOD 300 BIM designs update to reflect construction requirements, if needed Enable digital Fabrication Support […]