Design Documentation Dashboard

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE <br /> DESIGN PHASE As part of AIDIGITS services a BIM / Design documentation dashboard accessible through the cloud by authenticated stakeholders, will be developed integrating and reporting: The 3D BIM designs status and submissions The Issued for Construction documents and drawings The progress of the BIM team and the project […]

Scope Management

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE <br /> DESIGN PHASE It is of great importance that the project scope is to be fully captured and managed using accurate LOD 300 BIM designs. AIDIGITS assures that the BIM platform offers comprehensive, accurate and dynamic scope management solution that provides the construction team with full control of the project […]

Develop Based Project Controls

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE <br /> DESIGN PHASE Aidigits shall work closely with clients/the client. and the project IT System’s engineers to develop a BIM based system integration diagram that shall be used to ensure effective creation, storage, manipulation and reporting of the data developed by the different stakeholders.  AIDIGITS shall avail several alternatives for […]

BIM Based Design Review

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE <br /> DESIGN PHASE DESIGN REVIEW MEETINGS Availability and setup Ensure the availability and setup of a CDE (Common Data Environment) to manage and organize the BIM collaboration workflows. CDE WORKFLOW Communicate the BEP Communicate the BEP and other digital transformation documents / standards to the DGR and ensure proper comprehension […]

Digital Transformation Procedures

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE <br /> DESIGN PHASE Develop the project BEP (BIM Execution Plan) Develop Project BIM authoring and Modelling guidelines Develop and agree on the Project Library Develop the project Information strategy and delivery Develop communication protocols Develop and enhance the design phase WBS (Work Breakdown Structures) Develop the project QA/QC procedure for […]

GAP Analysis Assessment

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE <br /> DESIGN PHASE Based on the information collected, the workshops and meetings with all the stakeholders, AIDIGITS will develop a comprehensive gap analysis study with a resolution strategy to close any gaps identified that might render or affect the proper implementation of the BIM and project digital transformation plan/strategy.

Final Scope Identification

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE <br /> DESIGN PHASE AIDIGITS conducts a series of extensive workshops with the client, the designers/consultants, the construction team, the IT department and other stakeholders to finalize the BIM and digital transformation strategy for the project and make sure it is integrated with its client management’s vision and expectations. In this […]

Data Collection

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE <br /> DESIGN PHASE Upon Contract Award AIDIGITS is expected to receive from the client as much as possible of the information listed below and that are needed to create and develop the documents, standards, procedures and protocols for the BIM implementation in the project including but not limited to: Project […]

Authoring Service

AIDIGITS SERVICES DURING THE <br /> DESIGN PHASE Develop comprehensive and complete project BIM designs using the most popular BIM Authoring software in the market for all disciplines including: Structural Architectural Building Services (Mechanical, Electrical, firefighting and plumbing) Landscape and hardscape Roads and highways Bridges and tunnels Rail ways and metro lines Subsurface utilities And […]